Abstract Heart - HD

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Abstract Heart - HD

Abstract Heart HD Automated Wallpaper Shifter is a wallpaper app for BlackBerry that displays a new wallpaper after a certain amount of time. set the interval between displaying one image and the next image. You can also view an image as a wallpaper by selecting the 'images' option. Once it's Turn on, the home screen of the BlackBerry device will display brilliant wallpapers. It is very easy to use, small but effective application that was created in order to provide you with a simple means of refreshing the HD Wallpaper periodically. All you have to do is set the timer. Best Features:- * Automatic wallpaper changer. * 10 different wallpapers. * Set to change randomly. * Set custom intervals for wallpaper changes. * Turn auto-changer on and off. * If you have any problems/suggestions, write us an Mail@ contact.invensys@gmail.com.

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Publisher/Developer: Technotonics

Release Date: Apr 22, 2014

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