Math Buddy 1.0.0

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Math Buddy

• easy to read screen • realistic chalkboard look • encouragement based instead of correct or wrong • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplation, Division, or Random. • Designed for grade schoolers. • Add or subtract up to 72 Math Buddy is a teachers and students best friend. As your child is learning their math skill this little app will help them hone them. This app is different from the others because it is encouragement based. When your child gets the answer right the screen will show the answer in white and play a cheer for your child. When the answer is incorrect the answer will play in yellow and it will play a cheer for your child with encouragement that they can do it. No more RED and a buzzer. This will help your child to gain the confidence to keep trying. You can choose Addition, Subtraction, multiplication, division, or random. you can even turn the sound off.

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