Screen Muncher™ FREE - Chav Edition!

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Screen Muncher™ FREE - Chav Edition!

Screen Muncher's distant cousin has surfaced in the streets of London...and has he ever got a mouth on him. He smokes cigarettes non-stop, curses constantly, wears fake gold jewellery, Burberry baseball caps, Adidas track suits...and is always looking for a fight. SPECIAL CHAV EDITION! Free version comes with 6 awesome, random sound effects including: * Innit! * Naww Bruv * Str8 Up * Das Bangin' Mate! * Da Gal's BoomTing * Lookin' For A Slap? The Full/Paid version of Screen Muncher - Chav Edition lets you unlock explicit, R-Rated Sound Effects!! Includes: * What You F**kin' Say?! * Smell Yer Mam * F**kin' Wankers * Proper Good * F**k Yeah * T*ts * Funny As F**k * B*tches * Wanna F**kin' Go * Ya Pu**y Hole * Then I Was Like * Easy Now Bredrin * Givin' It Large * I'm Sayin' * Innit Bled * Innit Bruv * Is It Cuz I's Fit * Lower It * Minger * Sorted * That's Lush * That's Well Good * Too Many Coppers * Wha Gwon Bledrin * Yeahhh The Full/Paid version also lets you: * Remove the Screen Muncher watermark * Turn the sound off * Change Screen Muncher Color To use Screen Muncher: On any screen other than your home screen you see on your BlackBerry®, just push the BlackBerry® icon key. Choose "Chav Munch" from the menu and select "Email", "Save" or "Options" button. It's that simple! Follow Screen Muncher on Twitter! @screenmuncher Like Screen Muncher on Facebook! *Requires OS 4.6 and above. Munch : Muncher : Screen Muncher : Chav : Screenshot : Screen Capture : Print Screen : Snapshot : Screen Shot : Capture : Twitter : Screen Shot : Munch : Nom : Chavette : Townie : Ratboy : Neds

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Size: 2 MB


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Price: Free

Operating System: 8100,8110,8120,8130,8130m,8220,8230,8230f,8300,8310,8320,8330,8330m,8350i,8520,8530,8900,8910,8980,9000,9100,9105,9220,9300,9310,9315,9320,9330,9350,9360,9370,9380,9500,9520,9530,9550,9620,9630,9650,9670,9700,9720,9780,9788,9790,9800,9810,9850,9860,9900,9

Publisher/Developer: Motek Mobile

Release Date: Aug 17, 2014

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